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Small Books, Used Books, Hymnals-Songbooks-Plays, Family

We have available for sale at the Brethren Heritage Center 28 editions of small books printed by the Little Leather Library Company of New York. They are in good to very good condition, showing some wear and have end papers lightly browned. The green leather covers are embossed with the title and author of each book. They are approximately three by 4 inches and thin. We would like $12.00 for each edition or will accept $300.00 (plus tax and shipping) for all 28 books.

The Ancient Mariner (The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner and other Poems)
The "Bab" Ballads
The Ballad of Reading Gaol (and other Poems)
Barrack-Room Ballads
A Child's Garden of Verses
The Coming of Arthur
The Courtship of Miles Standish
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2 copies)
Enoch Arden (and other Poems)
The Gold-Bug (2 copies)
The Happy Prince (and other Tales)
Lays Ancient Rome
The Man Who Was (and other Stories)
A Man Without a Country
A Midsummer-Night's Dream (2 copies)
The Phantom 'Rickshaw' (and My Own True Short Story)
The Poems (and Plays, Robert Browning)
The Poems (and Songs of Robert Burns) (2 copies)
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (with an essay on Omar Khayyam) (2 copies)
Salome' (Tragedy in one Act)
Speeches and Addresses (of Abraham Lincoln)
The Tempest
Will O' The Mill (and Markheim)

Other Used Books

( Please check regularly for the updated list.)   Price
ABC Stories of Jesus Edwards, Mildred Soeakes  
African Stories Helser, Albert D. $10.00
25th Anniversary at 1717 Salem Avenue, Dayton , Ohio: 1852-1977 Mack memorial Church of the Brethren   $1.50
A History of the Brethren Brumbaugh (1969) $50.00
A History of the Christian Church Walker, Williston $10.00
A History of The German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America Brumbaugh, Martin Grove $32.00
History and Doctrines of the Church of the Brethren Winger, Otho $20.00
A History of The German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America Brumbaugh, Martin Grove $32.00
The Acts: An Exposition Erdfman, Charles R. $2.00
Acts of the Apostles Young, E. S. $25.00
Alaska Michenor, James A. $2.00
A Layman's Guide to Protestant Theology Hordern, William E. $3.00
Albert Cassel Wieand Schwalm, V. F. $12.50
Altar Candles Wine, Mary Stoner $20.00
All Things Whatsoever I have Commanded You Hoyt, Herman A. $1.50
American Library Masters Vincent, Leon H. $2.25
America Then & Now (photographs) Cohen, David $5.00
The Amish Wedding and Other Special Occasions of the Old Order Communities Scott, Stephen $1.50
Amy Elliot, (1840) Dodd, Meade & Company $10.00
Anabaptist World U.S.A Kraybill, Donald; Hostetter, C. Nelson $2.50
Ancestors and Descendents of Abraham and Elizabeth Wagoner 1735 to 1979 Yoder, Rosa L. $5.00
Anna Elizabeth   $10.00
Long, Lucille
Anna Elizabeth,  Seventeen Long, Lucille $30.00
Annual or Yearly Meeting Minutes of the Old German Baptist Church: Years available: 1944; 1945; 1950; 1951; 1952; 1953; 1955; 1957; 1959; 1968. Writing Clerk  $12.00 
A Raspberry Seed Under God's Denture Fike Jr., Earle W. , Jr. $3.00
Around the World on Sixty Dollars Meredith, Robert $10.00
A New Harmony of the Gospels Wieand, Albert Cassel $23.00
All in God's Family Swartz, Fred W. $5.00
A Mural History of the Church of the Brethren, Neher, Medford D. $20.00
Andre Dubus: Selected Stories Dubus, Andre $3.00
Anointing for Healing Bowman, Warren D. $5.00
At the Crossroads Comstock, Harriet T. $8.00
The Adventurous Future Bowman, Paul H. $30.00
Annals of the Donnels Creek District, Clark County, Ohio Shoup, Lela M. $1.50`
The American Character Brogan, D. W $2.00
Arabian Nights Entertainments, The, Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories told by the Sultaness of the Indies,...Vol. II 1840   $7.00
At Home in the World Helman, Patricia $1.50
Autobiography of William Allen White White, William Allen $5.00
The Autobiography of Will Rogers Rogers, Will $25.00
Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry(1982) World Council of Churches $2.00
Basic Belief Frantz, Edward $25.00
Battle of the Books: The Curriculum Debate in America Atlas, James $1.59
Beautiful Joe Saunders, Marshall $15.00
The Babes in the Woods,;Father Tuck's "Dolly Dear" series Raphael Tuck 7 Sons, Co. Ltd. (Colored Linen) $50.00
Battle Cries and Lullabies: Women in War from Prehistory to the Present De Pauw, Linda Grant $3.00
Beckonings from Little Hands DuBois, Patterson $5.00
A Bonnet for Virginia Frantz,  Evelyn $1.00
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Robinson, Barbara $1.50
Bethany Daze Fike, Earle W., Jr. $2.00
The Beech Tree Werth, Kurt $40.00
Between War and Peace: A Handbook for Peace Workers Boeckel, Florence Brewer $3.00
Beyond Anything Foreseen: A Study of the Heritage of Higher Education Lehman, James H. $10.00
Beyond Our Means: How the Brethren Service Center Dared to Embrace the World Thompson, R. Jan and Roma Jo $19.00
Beyond the Rat Race Gish, Arthur G. $2.50
Bible Book Study Flory, Ezra $30.00
The Bible Outline Young, E. S. $10.00
Biography and Family History of Floyd R. Wagoner Wagoner, Gerald C. $12.50
Bible Readings and Bible Studies Rosenberger, I. J. $10.00
Bible Truths McClain, Alva J. $2.00
Biblical Pacifism: A Peace Church Perspective Brown, Dale $2.00
Biblical Inspiration and Authority Deeter, Joan $1.00
Biography of Elder James Neff Neff, Florence $17.50
A Book Of Public Prayers Fosdick, Harry Emerson $3.75
Boy and the Man Moore, J. H. $17.50
The Brethren Along the Snake River: A History of the Church of the Brethren in Idaho and Western Montana Sappington, Roger $32.00
Brethren and Pacifism Brown, Dale W $4.00
Brethren Builders in Our Century Bowman, Rufus D. $35.00
Brethren Commentary on International Sunday School Lessons for 1903 Trout, I Bennett Trout $20.00
Brethren Commentary on International Sunday School Lessons for 1902 Trout, I Bennett Trout $15.00
Brethren Commentary on International Sunday School Lessons for 1906 Trout, I Bennett Trout $15.00
Brethren Community Service West, Dan $35.00
Brethren Education in the Southest: Honoring the Founding of Bridgewater College Bowman, Paul Haynes $5.50
Brethren in China Crumpacker, Frank H. $15.00
Brethren in Florida and Puerto Rico Moyer, Elgin S. $5.00
Brethren in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Heckman, John, and Miller, J. E. $60.00
Brethren in Transition: 20th Century Directions & Dilemmas Bittinger, Emmert, ed. $5.00
Brethren Missions in Ecuador Rhoades, J. Benton $3.00
Brethren Patriots Again: A Thirteen Session Study Guide Proposing Nonviolence as the Potential Power for the Continuing American Revolutiion Miller, Vernon $3.00
Brethren Pilgrimage: A Tourist's Guide and Manual to the Historic Sites of the Early Brethren in Southeastern Pennsylvania   $2.00
Brethren Preaching Today Book Publishing Committee $20.00
The Brethren Presence in the World: World Directory of Brethren Bodies: Proceedings of the 3rd Brethren World Assembly 2003 Eberly, William R. $5.00
Brethren Social Policy Sappington, Roger E. $50.00
Brethren Tomorrow Zunkel, C. Wayne $1.00
Brethren Win Men to Christ Ziegler, Edward K. $15.00
Brother Bonsack Minnich, H. Spence $25.00
The Beatitudes McCann, S. N. $20.00
The Beech Tree (1955) Buck, Pearl S. $40.00
The Believers Church Brumbaugh, Donald F. $10.00
The Bible Outline Young, E. S. $10.00
The Birds of Aristophanes (1890; Greek) Felton, C. E. $22.50
The Book of Books: What It is, How to Study It Evans, William $4.00
A Book of Worship for Village Churches Ziegler, Edward K. $10.00
The Brass Ring Blough, Dorris $1.50
Brethren Hymn Books and Hymnals 1720-1884 Hinks, Donald R. $20.00
Bright Spurs Tempski, Anna von $30.00
The Broken Cup Ziegler, Jesse H. $20.00
Brotherhood Organization : Church of the Brethren   $1.00
The Buggies Still Run Kissinger, Warren $1.00
The Building of our Nation Barker, Eugene C.; Commager, Henry Steele; Webb, Walter P. $2.00
A Burning and Shining Light: English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley Jeffrey, David Lyle $1.50
Call the Witnesses Robinson, Paul M. $3.50
Camping in Southern Ohio Helstern, Russell $3.00
Camp Woodland Altars A Place For All Seasons Camp Woodland Altars A Place For All Seasons $0.50
Change and Challenge: A History of the Church of the Brethren in the Southern District of Pennsylvania, 1940-1972 Gleim, Elmer O. $30.00
Caring, A History of Brethren Homes Rosenberger, Mary Sue $10.00
Carved on the Wind: Selected Poems Lane, Elizabeth Miller $1.50
Character Stories Flory, Ezra $15.00
Celebrating 300 Years of God's Faithfulness to the Brethren 1708-2008 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference Office $5.00
Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio Bosserman, Jr. Joseph H. $20.00
The Challenge of Hunger Moomaw, I. W. $5.00
The Character of Jesus Jefferson, Charles Edward $10.00
Character Sketches from the Pages of Scripture Illustrated in the World Of Nature, Vol. II, 1981 Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts, Inc.  $30.00
Chariots on the Icy Mountain Welch, Myara Brooks $10.00
Charlie Codman's Cruise(1920)(Hurst & Co.) Alger, Horatio, Jr. $20.00
Charlie Newcomer Stover, Wilbur B. $3.00
Chicago Sunday School Extension Miller, W. R and Others $5.00 - $30.00
The Chief Elizabethan Dramatist Excluding Shakespeare Nielson, William Allan $5.00
The Children of the Abbey: A Tale Roche, Regina Maria $30.00
Children of the Bush County Grimley, Mildred Hess $15.00
Children of the Conestoga Gehman, Clayton H. $6.00
Children's Literature (1921) Curry, Charles M.; Clippinger, Erle Elsworth $5.00
China Suffers Wampler, Ernest M. $25.00
Choosing the Christian Way Bowman, Loren S. $13.00
Choral Reading For Worship and Inspiration Brown, Helen A.; Heltman, Harry J. $1.50
Christ and the Fine Arts Maus, Cynthia Pearl $2.00
Christian Doctrine: Lectures and Sermons Miller, J. Allen $17.95
The Christ of Every Road: A Study in Pentecost Jones, E. Stanley $3.00
Church in a Changing World Bollinger, Richard A. $5.00
Church of the Brethren and War Bowman, Rufus D. $25.00
The Church of the Brethren in Northeastern Ohio Diehm, Edgar $65.00
Church of the Brethren in Southern Ohio Helman, H. H. $30.00
The Church of the Brethren Past and Present Durnbaugh, Donald F. $12.00
Church of the Brethren Yesterday and Today Durnbaugh, Donald F.; Marty, Martin E. $5.00
The Church Today and Tomorrow Wieand, David J. $20.00
The Church We Forget Wilson, Phillip Whitwell $4.50
Christian Doctrine-Lectures and Sermons Miller, J. Allen $17.95
Christianity vs War Moomaw, D. C. $15.00
Christian Handbook, A. D. 1651; Rights and Ordinances 1715 Felbinger, J.; Mack, A., Sr. $44.50
Christian Heroism in Heathen Land Royer, Galen $12.00
Christian Living Meyer, F. B. $10.00
The Christian Revolutionary Brown, Dale E. $20.00
Christian Stewardship Studies - Part 1 Hawbaker, C. C.; Dotterer, J. E. $12.00
Christian Stewardship Studies - Part 2 Hawbaker, C. C. $8.00
Christ, the Hope of the Future: Signals of a Promised Humanity Groff, Warren F. $1.50
The Christ We Forget, The : A Life of our Lord for Men To-Day Wilson, P. Whitewell $3.00
Church Union in India Bhagat, Shantilal P. $1.50
The Civil War: A Narrative: Red River to Appomattox Foot, Shelby $5.00
Cleaning Up the Christian Vocabulary Eller, Vernard $4.00
Close Communion West, Landon $90.00
The Cokesbury Marriage Manuel Leach, Willaim H. $4.00
Come Before Winter and Share My Hope Swindoll, Charkes R. $3.00
The Comic Poets of the Nineteenth Century Adams, W. Davenport $5.00
Conservation of Our Natural Resources based on Van Hise's etc........(1930) Havemeyer, Loomos $10.00
Cornbread and Milk Zunkel, Cleda Shull $1.00
Cosette Kalapakian, Laura $2.50
Congregation Goals Discovery Plan - Leader's Guide Becker, Palmer $1.50
Congressional Record, 55th Congress, First Session (1897)   $8.00
Complete and Cheerful Cherub: 1001 Verses McCann, Rebecca $8.00
Conquering Frontiers: A History of the Brethren Church Kent, Sr., Homer A. Kent $20.00
Conquering the Oubanqui-Chari for Christ Jobson, Orville D. $25.00
Conquests for God Miller, Minor C. $13.00
Counting the Cost Filbrun, Ron $10.00
The Conquest of peace Brandt, Harry A. $10.00
Courageous Prophet Sappington, Roger E. $10.00
Creative Hospitality Rowlinson, Bruce $5.00
Crusade Against Hunger Moomaw, I. W. $8.00
The Country Preacher, The Life and Ministry of Elder Solomon Stoner Shuman, Herman $3.50
The Christian Revolutionary (autographed) Brown, Dale W. $20.00
The Church of the Brethren in North Eastern Ohio Diehm, Edgar G. $65.00
The Church Today and Tomorrow Wieand, David T. $20.00
Darkening Valley: A Biblical Perspective on Nuclear War Aukerman, Dale $2.50
Dark Pilgrim Venter, Frans $2.00
David Hanrum: A Story of American Life Westcott, Edward Noyes $10.00
David and the Phoenix Ormondroyd, Edward $2.00
The Desert of Wheat (first ed.) Gray, Zane $80.00
Diary of C. O. Labors or Elder Jacob W. Skiles Date 1817-1962 Meader, Dallas W. $25.00
A Diary of Private Prayer by John Bailler (owned by Chester Harley) Bailler, John $1.50
Dicky Downy: The Autobiography of a Bird Patterson, Virginia Sharpe $7.00
Digging For My Roots Scheier, Michael $5.00
Directory of Civillian Public Service: May 1941 to March 1947: Revised and Up-dated Through December 1993 The National Service Board for Religious Objectors $35.00
Doctor Fischer of Geneva Greene, Graham $2.00
Doctrinal Treatise ( paperback) Fisher, H.M. and others $5.00
The Doctrine of the Brethren Defended Miller, R. H. $20.00-$30.00
Down In My Heart Stafford, William C. $30.00
The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copy Left by the Late Georege Stevens Stevens, George $20.00
Dramas of the Bible (Gish) Flory , John S. $15.00
Dresden Panorama: Coliuer Guide to the "Florence of the Elbe" Rahmael-Verlag $5.00
Drummond's Addresses Drummond, Henry $10.00
Dwell in Peace Arnett, Ronald C. $6.00
Dynamics of Faith Tillich, Paul $$1.50.50
The Daily Vacation Church School Ikenberry, Charles S. $30.00
Early Days of Vyara, India Ross, A.W. $15.00
Ebony Madonna Bowman, Martha B. $10.00
Educational Blue Book and Directory, Church of the Brethren Cable, W. Arthur $75.00
Elements of Hope Carroll, James $2.00
Elsie Venner Holmes, Oliver Wendell $5.00
Emanuel B. Hoff, Bible Teacher Hoff, Ernest G. $28.00
Ernest Hemingway: A Reconsideration Young, Phillip $12.00
Essays:(Hurst and Co, edition, circa 1920's) Emmerson, Ralph Waldo $5.95
Essentials of Bible History Mould, W. K. $2.00
The Existentialist Collins, James $1.50
European Origins of the Brethren Durnbaugh, Donald F. $10.00
Everybody Sing 'n Celebrate Barrow, Cliff and others $3.50
Every Head Bowed Farrer, Carl; Bock, Fred $4.00
Every Name Index for the History of the Church of the Brethren of the Southern District of Ohio   $4.00
The Early Rain Long, Campbell $2.00
Edgar Allen Poe, Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance Silverman, Kenneth $5.00
The Eternal Verities Miller, D. L. $15.00
The Elgin Training Course: Second Year Hoff, E. B. and Others $30.00
The Evolution of the Soul Ayers, William F. $1.50
The Existentialists Collins,James $1.50
The Face of Bamberge Ritze, J. M. $2.00
Faces Among the Faithful Long, Inez $20.00
The Family Worship Stover, Wilbur B. $10.00
Famous Comic Recitations May 15, 1893 Lupton (Pub) $8.00
Faulkner: Essays by Warren Beck Beck, Warren $10.00
Favorite Bible Stories Surbey, Maxine E. $2.00
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World from Marathon to Waterloo; (Arlington) Creasy, E. S. $5.00
Fifty Ways to Reach Young Singles, Couples and Families Clapp, Steve $1.50
Fifty Years in India 1895 -1945  Mow, Anna and others $22.50
Fifty Years in Lardin Gabas 1923 - 1973 Mbaya, Isheku P. K. $10.00
Finger Posts on Life's Highway Dale, John T. $20.00
The First Quarrel and Other Stories Dodd, Meade & Company (1875) $10.00
A Five Year Advance Program for Foreign Missions Bowman, R. D.; Schwalm, V. F. $5.00
Flamed By The Spirit Brown, Dale W. $10.00
Flashlights From History Flory, John S. $12.00
Focus on Adults Ziegler, Jesse H. $8.00
Foothills to Mountaintops Peters,  Raymond R. $10.00
For Brethren Only Eby, Kermit $15.00
For Truth and Brotherly Love: A Celebration of 90 Years of a Congregation ( Mack Memorial) Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Foundations For Reconstructions Trueblood, Elton $3.00
Foundations of Peace Tung, Wang $30.00
Four Dramatizations About Home and Church (5 copies) Heron, Francis Dunlap $2.00 ea
Four Words for World Brown, Dale W. $3.50
Free to Be a Women Helman, Patricia Kennedy $2.00
Free to Be, Fee to Give Zeller, Harry K. $5.00
Fresh from the Word McFadden, Wendy, pub. $2.00
From Tiny Beginnings Overholt, James T. $3.50
Front Porch Tales Gulley, Phillip $2.00
A Future With Hope Kline, Harvey;  Eshbach, Warren $18.00
Gateway to the Great Books 1-10 Volumes Hutchins, Robert M.; Adler Mortimer J. $80.00
The Fullness of Christ Yoder, John Howard $12.00
The Funeral Encyclopedia: A source Book Wallis, Charles L. $4.00
Geneve: 77 photos ( in French) Chapponniere, Paul $18.00
Genealogical & Local History Books in Print Vol. 2 Schreimer-Yantis, Netti $2.00
The General Epistles: An Exposition Erdman, Charkes R. $2.00
George Carl, Pioneer Muire, Gladdys Esther $1.58
German faces Stringer, Ann; Ries, Henry $75.00
Germany Countryside, Cities, Villages and People (224 photographs) Bussch, Herald; Umschau Verlage $8.00
Getting Into Your Life-Work Doxsee, Herald M. $4.00
Gift of the Year Crabbe, Ernest H. $9.00
Girdling the Globe Miller, D. L. $10.00
"God Bless You" (1913) Nesbit, Wilbur D. $5.00
God Confront's Man Adams, Harry Baker $1.50
God's Corner Puelicher, Gertrude M. $5.00
God's Country Orpha M. Hooten $1.50
God's Means of Grace Yoder, C. F. $25.00
God Speaks to Women Today Price, Eugenia $1.50
The Gulag Archipelago Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr $2.00
Gospel Record of the Message and Mission of Jesus Christ Wieand, Albert C. $10.00
The Gates Ajar Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart $10.00
Getting Old Ain't for Wimps O'Connor, Karen $2.00
A Girl from Yamhil Cleary, Beverly $3.00
The Gospel According to Peanuts Short, robert L. $3.00s
The Gospel of Jesus or Good News of Our Lord Kurtz, D. W. $7.00
The Gospels Translated into English Phillips, J. B. $1.50
Greatness and Simplicity of the Christian Faith King, Henry C. $10.00
A Great Day Shank, F. O. $15.00
Great First-Work of the Church Missions Stover, Wilbur B. $15.00
The Golden Pen Cable, W. Arthur $10.00
Growing Up: How We Become Alive, Are Born and Grow de Schweinitz, Karl $5.00
The Great First-Work of the Church Missions Stover, Wilbur B. $15.00
The Great Migration Diesner, Hans-Joachim $12.00
A Guide to Biblical Preaching Faw, Chalmer $4.00
Handbook of the Hospital Corps United States Navy 1939 The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery $1.59
Handbook on Brethren Hymns Statler, Ruth; Fisher, N. $15.00
Handy Country Dance Book- Native American Folk Lore Rohrbrough, Lynnn $10.00
A Heap of Living Helman, Cora W. $3.00
H. C. Early Fory, John S. $15.00
Harmless As Doves Rosenberger, Mary S. $15.00
Helping the Homeless Grady, Duane $1.50
Heritage of  Devotion Grisso, Lillian $20.00
Heroic Lives Miller, Minor C. $50.00
The Hidden Louisa May Alcott (two vol. in one) Stein, Madeleine $5.25
Hidden Values: Sacred Art from Hein Waldeck (German) Hederick, Michael $4.00
The Highest Office: A Study of the Aims and Claims of the Christian Ministry Davis, Ray Jefferson $11.00
Highlights and Heartaches of Brethren Pioneers Shuman, Herman $7.50
Hiroshima (1946 edition) Hersey, John $2.00
His Days and Ours Ellis, Charles C. $20.00
His End Up Eller, Vernard $10.00
His Pen in Her Hand Mow, Anetta C. $13.50
The Histories of Herodotus (1904) Cary, Henry (translator) $18.00
History and Doctrines of the Church of the Brethren Winger, Otho $20.00
A History of the Brethren in Florida and Georgia Morris, james H. $20.00
History of the Christian Church Walker, Williston $3.00
History of the Church of the Brethren, Eastern Pennsylvania 1915-1965 Ziegler, Carl W. $25.00
History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana Schwalm, V. P. and others $30.00
A History of the Church of the Brethren in Kansas Craik, Elmer LeRoy $40.00
Church of the Brethren in Southern Illinois Buckingham, Minnie S. $30.00
The History of the Church of the Brethren In Michigan, Eberly, William R. $45.00
A History of the Church of the Brethren Northeastern Ohio Moherman, T.S.; Garver, s. R.; Harold, A. W. $45.00
History of the Church of the Brethren of the Southern District of Ohio (1921)   $40.00
History of the First Brethren Church of Goshen, Indiana   $2.50
History of the Old Order River Brethren Breckbill, Laban T. $20.00
History of the Southern Ohio District Fellowship of Brethren Churches Ziegler, Edward K. $10.00
The Holy Bible, N.T. King James Version cassette tapes Scourby, Alexander, reader $5.00
Holsinger's History of the Tunkers and the Brethren Church Holsinger, H.R. $100.00
Home Builders of Tomorrow Bowman, Warren D. $10,00
The Houres of Catherine Cleves (Illuminations) Plummer, John $4.00
House of Clay Statler, Ruth Beeghly $25.00
The House of Seven Gables Hawthorne, Nathanial $2.50
How God Guides Us: No. 7 in the series Shull, Russell $33.00
How to Bury a Goldfish and 113 Other Family Ritual for Everyday Life Lang, Virginia; Nayer, Louise $3.00
How To Be a  Transformed Person Jones, E. Stanley $2.00
How You can Help Other People Shoemaker, Samuel M. $1.50
The Healing Partnership Steinzor, Bernard $1.50
A History of the Brethren in Europe and America Brumbaugh, Martin G. $50.00
A History of the Christian Church Qualben, Lars P. $10.00
A history of the Church of the Brethren Northwestern Ohio, 1827-1963 Eberly, William R. $45.00
A History of the Church of the Brethren in the First District of West Virginia Bittinger, Foster M. $53.00
History of the Church of the Brethren in the Middle District of Pennsylvania (1924) Distric Conference through its Home Mission Board $50.00
The History of a Church (Dunker) Howe, Roland L. $75..00
History of the Christian Church (1910+), vol. 2-6 Schaff, Philip  (Individual volumes $20.00 each) $60.00
History of the Mississinawa Church of the Brethren Rarick, Ralph G. $40.00
History of the Palmyra Church of the Brethren 1892-1967 Blouch, Edith $60.00
The Holy Bible: Rembrandt Edition: King James Version (1959) (9 lbs) Abradale Press $50.00
The Holy Spirit Rosenberger, L. J. $20.00
How It Came To Be: The Boyd Family's Contribution to African American Religious Publishing Lovett, Bobby L. $2.00
How to Teach Religion Betts, George Herbert $4.25
Humor In and Out of the Pulpit Aspley, Jr., Joe W. $2.00
The Hundredth Monkey Keyes Jr., Ken $2.00
The Hunger of the Heart: Prayers to Pray in Person Miller, Roland H. $10.00
Ice-Breakers and the Ice-Breaker Herself Geister, Edna $5.00
I Dare You! (autographed) Danforth William H. $50.00
I, Elizabeth: A Biography of the Girl Who Married General George Armstrong Custer... Randall, Ruth P. $5.00
I'm Celebrating Kiemel, Ann $1.50
The Imitation of Christ: Inspiration, Comfort and Encouragement in the Turmoil and Discord of Today (owned by Chester Harley) Kemple, Thomas A. $50.00
If Two Are To Become One Miller, DeWitt L. $8.00
In Christ Jesus - Part 2 Brown, Dale $5.00
Indiana's Road to Statehood Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission $2.00
In His Hand - Part 1 Snyder, Graydon F. $12.00
In His Hand - Part 2 Snyder, Graydon F. $12.00
In His Hand - Part 4 Snyder, Graydon F. $12.00
In His Image Brand, Paul;Yancey, Phillip $2.50
In His Steps Sheldon, Charles M. $1.50
In League With The Stones Helman, Patricia Kennedy $4.00
In Place of Folly Cousins, Norman $1.50
Inner Words for Every Day of the Year Arnold, Emmy $12.00
In Place of Sacraments Eller, Vernard $15.00
In Spite of All Wallace, Archer $2.50
I Want Happiness Now: Managing your Inner Life Brandt, Henry $1.50
I Was A Stranger Statler, Ruth Beeghly $15.00
In Memoriam Mow, Anna $20.00
In Sunny Nigeria Helser, Albert D. $12.50
India: A Problem Stover, Wilber B. $15.00
Inroads Guttenberg, Elyse $1.50
The Interpreter's One-Volume Commentary on the Bible Laymon, Charles M. $12.00
Interpreter's Bible: Volume VII   $10.00
An Introduction to World Politics Friedman, W. $5.00
Invitation to the Journey: Membership in the Church of the Brethren Bowman, John David $3.00S
Inviting and Welcoming New Peoples Vol 2 Dentler, Larry M. $1.50
Is Immersion the Mode of Christian Baptism Authorized and Proved by the Bible?: A Debate Between Elder James Quinter and Rev. S. P. Snyder of Indiana Stagg, Charles W. $40.00
Is Life Worth Living? Mallott, Floyd E. $15.00
Is Reality Optional? Sowell, Thomas $2.50
Jackknife Summer Russsell, Ota Lee $7.00
James: Faith in Action Young, David s. $2.00
Jerusalem Bible: The Reader's Edition Jones, Alexander $7.00
Jessica's First Prayer Streeton, Hesba $10.00
The Jesus of Our Fathers Good, John Walter $30.00
Jesus: Selected Writings Lucado, Max; Graham, Billy, etc. $1.50
Journey Into Faith Powers, Edward A. $1.50
Journey of Faith 85 Years & Beyond Rosenberger, Mary Sue $10.00
Journey Through Heartsongs Stepanek, Mattie J. $3.00
Juniata Bible Lectures Brumbaugh, Martin G. $25.00
The Jolly J's Make Decisions Cannon, Brenda $2.00
Karlsschule (2011 reprint) Garber, Martin $5.00
The Kid from Tomkinsville (1940)  Tunis, John R. $10.00
King Jesus' Manual of Arms for the 'Armless Eller, Vernard $8.00
Knowing God Packer, J. I. $8.00
Laddie and Miss Toosey's Mission Whitaker, Evelyn $3.00
Lancaster Cemetery 1837-1967Huntington County, Indiana Shultz, Lawrence $10.00
the Land of Long Ago Calvert, Eliza $8.00
Land of the Monkey Bread Tree Bittinger, Desmond $15.00
Lardin Gabas A land A People A Church Faw, Chalmer E. $6.00
The Leading Facts of English History Montgomery, D. H. $5.00
Learning the Brethren Way with Jim and Jane Miller, Dessie R. $15.00
Lesson Commentary on the International Bible Studies of 1901(Brethren Lesson Commentary) Dowling, W.W. $18.00
Lest We Forget and Tales of Yesteryear Flory, Rolland F. $25.00
Lest We Forget and tales of Yesteryear , vol. II Flory, Rolland F. $35.00
Lest We Forget and Tales of Yesteryear. Vol. 3 Flory, Rolland F. $35.00
Let Our Joys Be Known Gardner, Richard B.; Schaffer, Kenneth M. $1.50
Let's Go Camping Peters, Raymond R. $30.00
Let's Stay Married Rohrer, Perry Lawrence $10.00
Let's Talk About You Bro, Margueritte Harmon $10.00
Letters from Europe and Foreign Lands Miller, D. L. $15.00
Letters from Foreign Lands to the Home Folks Winger, Otho $40.00
The Letters of Virginia Wolf, Vol. Five, 1932-1935 Nicolson, Nigel; Trautmann, Joanne, eds. $30.00
Letters to Young Churches: A Translation of the New Testament Epistles Phillips, J. B. $1.50
Letters to the Young from the Old World Miller, Elizabeth Talley (Mrs, D. L. Miller) $13.75
Life and Labors of Elder John Kline Funk, Benjamin $30.00
Life and Sermons of Elder James Quinter Quinter, Mary N. $50.00
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Vol. 1 Eldersheim, Alfred $10.00
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Vol 2 (1912) Eldersheim, Alfred $10.00
Life of Christ Young, E. S.  $5.00
Life of Elder D. L. Miller Bates, Bess Royer $10.00
Life of Elder R. H. Miller Winger, Otho $2.00
Life Real and Portrayed Foutz, Rebecca $30.00
Life's Intimate Relationships Johnson, Talmage C. $6.50
Light from a Hillside Metzler, Burton $50.00
Listen to the Sunrise (damaged) Morse, Kenneth I $1.00
Literary Activity of the Brethren in the Eighteenth Century Flory, John G. $50.00
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Fex, John, Jr. $2.00
Living Prayerfully Page, Kirby $3.00
Look to the Light Hoof, Ernest G.; Emrick, Ernestine Hoff $10.00
A Layman's Guide to Protestant Theology Hordern, William E. $3.00
The Life Portrayed in the Sermon on the Mount Miller, R. H. $10.00
Look Homeward Angel Wolfe, Thomas B. $1.50
Lord's Day Morning Long, Inez $3.50
The Lord Our Righteousness McCann, S. N.. $15.00
Love the law of life Kagawqa, Toyohiko $5.75
Mack Memorial Centennial Celebration: 1889-1989 Lane, Elizabeth Miller $1.50
The Mad Morality,  or The Ten Commandments Revisited Eller, Vernard $1.50
Manchester Church of the Brethren 1838-2000 Eberly, William R. $3.00
Manchester College: A Century of Faith, Learning and Service Jones, Timothy K. $10.00
Man's Need and God's Action Howe, Reuel L. $1.50
The Manhood of the Master Fosdick, Harry Emerson $3.00
Manual of Worship and Polity Ministry and Home Mission Commission $12.50
Martyrs Mirror van Braght, Theilman J. $25.00
Mastery: The Art of Mastering Life Jones, E. Stanley $3.50
McCauly's History of England from the Accession Lord McCauly; Dent publication $8.00
Meditations on Brethren Life Miller, Dewitt and Mary $3.00
Meet Henry Kurtz Brandt, H. A. $26.00
Meet the Brethren Durnbaugh, Donald F. $5.00
Men and Hunger Guetzkow, Harold Steere; Bowman, Paul Hoover $75.00
The Miller Somner Debate Abbott, James $75.00
The Minister as Shepherd Jefferson, Charles Edward $50.00
Minister's Manual: Church of the Brethren (1940) Shull, Merlin C.; Miller, J. E. $5.00
Minister's Wife Kutz, D. W. $20.00
Ministry With Young Adults: The Search for Intimacy arberG, Julie $2.00
Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Church of the Brethren 1923-1944   $10.00
Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Church of the Brethren 1945-1954 Ora W. Garber $10.00
Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Church of the Brethren 1965 -1969 Eberly, William R. $10.00
Minutes of the Annual Conference Church of the Brethren 1980-1984 Ruff, Phyllis K.
Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Church of the Brethren Containing All Available Minutes from 1778 to 1919   $70.00
Meetings of the Annual Meetings of the Brethren 1778 to 1885 Davy, H. D.; Quinter, J. $45.00
Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Brethren from 1781 to 1879 Kimmel, J. M. $60.00
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Brethren 1778-1980   $5.00
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Brethren from 1778 to 1976. Also, Supplemental Minutes from 1877 to 1917, and Appendix. Annual Meeting of 1916 $50.00
Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Old German Baptist Brethren from 1778 to 1955 Hess, Willis A.; Hess, Ray B.; Benedict, David G. $60.00
Miracle in the Hills Sloop, Mary T. Martin $5.00
Miss Ida Mow, Anna B. $25.00
Mission and the Church Stover, Wilbur B. $30.00
The Mission Factor: A Study Guide to the Church of the Brethren Goals for the 80's Wilson, Leland $1.00
Missions in the Church of the Brethren Moyer, Elgin S. $20.00
Misunderstood Subjects Kinsey, William $10.00
A Month of Sundays: Making Sense of Things Fike, Earle W., Jr. $3.00
Move in Our Midst Morse, Kenneth $12.50
Moving Toward the Mainstream: 20th Century Change Among the Brethren of Western Pennsylvania Fitzke, Donald R. $10.00
Moy Gwong of South China Moyer, Elgin S. $20.00
Multiply the Gift Weems, Ann $1.50
Music Through the Ages (non-Brethren) Bauer, Marion; Peyser, Ethel $10.00
My Mother Etta Davidson, Mary $20.00
A Mural History of the Church of the Brethren Neher, Medford D. and Shultz, Lawrence W. $20.00
The Making of a Teacher Brumbaugh, Martin $5.00
The Mastery of the Master Miller, DeWitt L. $10.00
The Meaning of Persons Tournier, Paul $2.50
The Message of the Book of Revelation Hoff, Emanual B. $40.00
Miami Valley, Ohio Map & Atlas of Old German Baptist Brethren Districts   $4.00
The Miller and Somner Debate Abbott, James $75.00
Modern Secret Societies Blanchard, Charles R. $4.00
The Most Revealing Book of the Bible: Making Sense Out of Revelation Eller, Vernard $2.00
The Music Hour: Elementary Teacher's Book to Accompany the First and Second Books McConathy, Osbourne $3.00
New Left and Christian Radicalism Gish, Arthur G. $5.00
No Longer Strangers Kulp, Mary Ann Moyer $10.00
Not Me, God Wirt, Sherwood Elliot $3.00
A New Harmony for the Gospels Wieand, Albert Cassel $23.00
A.New history of the United States (1958) Miller, William $2.25
The New Testament Doctrines Moore, J. H. $5.00
The New Testament History Young, E. S. $5.00
The New Testament Commentary.... (1894) Teeter, Lewis W. $5.00
The New Testament Commentary (Vol. One and Two Combines) Teeter, Lewis W. $15.00
New Windsor Center Morse, Kenneth $1.50
Niagara Taylor, Robert Lewis $5.00
The Novel As Faith Patterson, John $2.50
Of Such is the Kingdom Studebaker, Modenna $25.00
Ohio Lands: A Short History Ferguson, Thomas E. $2.00
Ohio Land Grants Ferguson, Thomas and Joseph $1.00
The Old, Old Story Anew: The Church of the Brethren in Nigeria Thomasson, Kermon $1.50
On the Backroad to Heaven Kraybill, Donald B.; Bowman, Carl Desportes $3.00
On the Ground Floor of Heaven Pritchett, Reul B. $5.00
One Hundred and One Famouse Poems (1924) Cook, Roy J. $4.00
One Hundred Great Lives: Revealing Biographies Allen John, editor $3.00
One Man's Peace Long, Inez $5.00
Onesimus, the Runaway Slave Brumbaugh, H. B. $2.00
One world, One Mission Hogg, W. Richey $1.50
On religion: Speeches to its Cultured Despisers Schlelermacher, Friedrich 41.5
The Open Way Into the Book of Revelation Eshelman, M. M. $75.00
The Original Chatterbox Annual. 1889 Clarke, Lerskine $12.75
Organization and Administration of the Church School Ikenberry, C.S. $10.00
Otho Winger, 1877-1946 Schwalm, V. F. $25.00
The Outward Bound Etter, Vernard $2.00
Our Country's Songs The White Seweing Machine Co. $10.00
Our Church Davis, Ernest C. $10.00
Our Faith, 8 booklet's in a box;  The Advance for Christ and His Church Bromely, G. $3.00
Our Heritage : Beliefs and Practices Etling, Harold H. $8.00
Our Missions Abroad Moyer, Elgin S. $15.00
Our Saturday Night Moore, J. H. $15.00
An Outline Study of New Testament Chronicles Fike, Lester E. $1.00
Out of the Wilderness Kaylor, Earl C. Jr. $30.00
The Outward Bound: Caravaning as the Style of the Church Eller, Vernard $2.00
An Old Sweetheart of Mine Riley, James Whitcome $22.00
The Old Brethren Lehman, James H. $3.00
Guide to the "Old Brethren" Lehman, James H. $1.50
The Olive Branch Sanger,  S.F. and Hays, D. $50.00
Old St, Paul's Ainsworth, W. H. $4.00
The Old Testament History Young, E. S. $13.75
Open Letters: Selected Writings, 1965-1990 Havel, Vaclav $3.50
The Other Half of the Globe Miller, D. L. $20.00
The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose Muir, Frank $5.00
The Parables of Peanuts Short, Robert L. $1.50
Parting the Water: America in the King Years 1954-63 Branch, Taylor $2.50
Partners in Creation Petry, Ronald D. $3.50
Passing on the Gift Yoder, Glee $5.00
Pastoral care of the Pastoral Family Stultz, Owen G. $1.50
The Pastor's Prayerbook Rodenmeyer, Robert N. $40.00
Past, Present and Promise Rosenberger, Mary Sue $3.00
Patchwork and Rhythm Wine, Mary Stoner $15.00
Pathway of Peace Eisan, Leslie $20.00
Paul Tillich: Retrospect and Future Ferre' Nels S. F. and others $1.50
Pax Christi Belden, Albert D. $1.00
Peace Education in Churches West, Dan $1.50
Peace is our Business Zeller, Harry K $15.00
People and Places, 1890-1970: An Autobiography Shultz, Lawrence W. $27.00
A Pennsylvania German Precisionist: The Art of Richard Peter Hofman Hellerich, Mahlon H.; Swank, Scott T. $10.00
People of Promise: Guide for Leaders of Membership Classes Bantz, Floyd; Gardner, Rick $2.50
A Picnic of Two (1880) Dodd, Meade & Co. $21.00
Picture of the Pennsylvania Germans Gilbert, Russell Wieder $3.00
Pilgrimage of Protest Urie, Caroline F. $20.00
The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come (Arlington) Runyan, John $18.00
Please Pray With Me: Prayers for People at Worship Fike, Jr., Earle W. $2.25
Plumb Line Weaver, Clyde $1.00
Poems on Bible Subjects Mohler, J. S $20.00
The Poet of Science and Other Addresses Rice, William North $5.00
Portrait of a Marriage Buck, Pearl S. $2.00
Potluck: Parables of Giving, Taking, and Belonging Thomas, Kim $2.00
Practical Sermons Rosenberger, I. J. $95.00
Pragmatic Prophet Durnbaugh, Donald F. $10.00
Prairie : The Companion Books; leather Cooper, James Fenimore $30.00
Prayers Ancient and Modern Tileston, Mary Wilder $9.00
Prayer for Missions COB Missionary Board $5.00
Prayers for the New World Suter, John Wallace $10.00
Praying the Psalms: Dailey Meditations on Cherished Psalms Shepherd, J. Berrie $4.25
The Praying Tree Brandt, H. A.; Hoff, E. G. 41.5
Prayer: The Mightiest Force in the Mightiest Force in the World Laubach, Frank C. $3.25
Preacher on Wheels Hostetler, Paul $3.50
Proclaim Good Tidings Eller, Vernon $1.50
Preaching, Planning , and Plumbing Clapp, Steve; Finney, Ron; Zimmerman, Angela $1.50
Problems of Pulpit and Platform Culler, David D $15.00
Primary Folks at Mission Study Eisenbise, Viola $15.00
Puerto Rico: Unsolved Problem Garver, Earl S. and Fincher, Ernest B. $20.00
The Portable Mellville Leyda, Jay, ed. $2.50
The Power and Purpose of Vision Broholm, Richard R. $0.50
The Prayer Life and Teachings of Jesus Wieand, Albert Cassel $10.00
The Princess Tennyson, Alfred Lord $12.00
The Program Encyclopedia Duran, Clement A. $3.00
The Puzzles of Amish Life Kraybill, Donald B. $1.50
Quiet Talks on Following The Christ Gordon, S.D. $10.00
Rebecca Boone  Cook Book Baenes, Bertha $2.00
Recreation and the Local Church Clemens, Frances & Tully, Robert & Crill, Edward $20.00
Recreation in Theory and Practice Rohrer, Perry L $9.00
Reflections on Brethren Image and Identity Comunicorp $5.00
Reflections: Path to Prayer Turro, James $1.50
Report of the Proceedings of the Brethren World Assembly 1992 The Brethren Encyclopedia $5.00
The Resurrection Mohler, J. S. $2.00
Revised Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the German Baptist Brethren (1908) Appendix 1897 - 1907 Miller, D. L.;Price, D. E.; Hayes, Daniel $25.00
Revised Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the German Baptist Brethren (1889) Miller, D. L. and others $25.00
Revised Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Church of the Brethren 1778-1922 Winger, Otho and others $15.00
Revolution in Economic Life Shull, William Russell $30.00
Roads to Everywhere Hoover, Opal Catherine $30.00
Rosanna of the Amish Yoder, Joseph W. $1.50
Rural People at Worship Ziegler, Edward K. $10.00
Rural Preaching Ziegler, Edward K. $5.00
A Raspberry Seed Under God's Denture Fike, Earle W., Jr. $3.00
Robert's Rules of Order Revised:1951 Robert, Henry M. $8.00
Rockin' Chair Dreams Hooten, Orpha M. $2.00
The Role of the Servant Slabaugh, Warren $15.00
Russia Today: What Can We Learn From It?(1934) Eddy, Sherwood $3.00
Sacraments in my Refrigerator Rosenberger, Mary Sue $5.00
Sacred Cows make the Best Burgers Kriegle, Robert; Brandt, David $3.00
Say Yes to Life Mow, Anna B. $3.00
Scenes From the Psalms Brandt, Harry A. $5.00
Schwarzenau: Yesterday and Today Shultz, Lawrence $15.00
A Second Touch Miller, Keith $2.00
Seed Thoughts for Daily Meditation M. B. $10.00
Seeing With the Soul (signed by the author) Shepherd, J. Barre $8.00
Seize the Moment Julien, Tom $5.00
Sensitivity to What? Mow, Anna $5.00
Servants of the Word: Ministry in the Belivers Church Eller, David B., ed. $9.00
The Seven Churches of Asia Miller, D. L. $35.00
Seventy Times Seven Bowman, Rufus D. $10.00
The Shaping of Modern Christian Thought Groff, Warren; Miller, Donald $45.00
Sharing Observations With the Home Church Bonsack, Charles $20.00
She Hath Done What She Could: A History of Woman's Participation in the Church of the BrethrenBrubaker, Pamela$5.0e    
Short Studies on Great Subjects Froude, James Anthony $14.25
Sidelights on Brethren History Ankrum, Freeman $20.00
Silver City Wilson, Leland $3.00
Simple Living Ziegler, Edward K. $3.50
Sister Anna Murray, Dorothy Garst $1.50
6 Papers on Peace: A Symposium Willoughby, William G. $2.00
Sky Pilot, The; A Tale of the Foothills (special edition) Connor, Ralph $8.00
Social Recreation Primer Tully, Bob $8.00
Some Who Led Miller, D. L. & Royer, Galen B. $30.00
The Song of Bernadette   $2.00
Soudan's Second Sunup Bittinger, Desmond $20.00
The Soul of the Symbols: A Theological Study of Holy Communion Shultz, Joseph R. $3.00
Soviet laughter, Soviet Tears Dull, Christine and Ralph $2.00
So You Want to be a Christian? Ziegler, Earl and Vivian $1.50
So Who's Afraid of Birthdays? Mow, Anna B. $2.00
Springs of Love Mow, Anna B $5.00
Square Talk to Young Men about the Inspiration of the Bible Hastings, H. L. $5.00
Stewardship Education in the Local Church Mitchell, Olden D. $1.00
Stewards of God Kauffman, Milo $2.00
Still God's Man: A Daily Devotional Guide to Christlike Character Powers, Edward A. $1.50
Stop and Consider Weimer, Glen $10.00
Stormy Crossing White, Roy $15.00
Stories From Brethren Life Miller, J. E. $20.00
Stories of the Stars Barske, Charlotte $15.00
Story Time Groff, Warren $4.00
Streams in the Desert Cowan, Mrs. Charles E. $2.00
Strings of Popcorn Zunkel, Cleda Shull $15.00
Studies in Brethren History Mallott, Floyd E. $30.00
Studies in Christian Belief Beahm, William M. $30.00
Studies in Doctrine Kurtz, D. W. $12.50
Studies in Doctrine and Devotion Kuntz, Blough, Ellis $5.00
Studies in the Gospel of  John Wieand, Albert $20.00
Study War No More: A Peace Handbook for Youth Young, David S. $2.00
The Supplementary Bible Millard, William Barrett $4.50
Ten Years of Brethren Service Weis, Lowell $3.50
Texts in Transit II Snyder, Graydon F.; Shaffer, Jr., Kenneth M. $5.00
The Secret of Married Love Mow, Anna B. $2.00
The Shaping of Modern Christian Thought Groft, Warren F.; Miller, Donald E. $5.00
The Sick and the Dying and the Dead Royer, J. G. $12.00
The Story of the Brethren Fisher, Virginia S. $15.00
The Story of Camp Alexander Mack Shultz, L. W. $25.00
The Story of Our Church Miller, J. E. $15.00
A Story of Tragedy and Love Bohrere, Wendell $1.50
The Symphony of Life Kurtz, D. W. $10.00
Take Heart Hoff, Ernest G. $25.00
Thank God for New Churches Lehman, James H. $10.00
That They Might Have Life Rosenberger, Mary Sue H. $10.00
Theological Writings on Various Subjects (reprint) Nead, Peter $22.50
Time in Your Flight Billman, Ruth Halladay Burkett $12.00
The Tinker (3 act Christmas play) Eastman, Fred $2.00
Three Churches and a Model T Clveland, Philip Jerome $3.00
Thrilling Incidents on Sea and Land: The Prodigal's Return Zollers, George D. $35.00
Thirty-three Years of Missions in the Church of the Brethren Royer, Galen B. $30.00
Tip Lewis and His Lamp ( 1895) "Pansy" $10.00
To Serve the Present Age Durnbaugh, Donald F. $22.00
To Follow in Jesus' Steps Zunkel, C. Wayne $1.00
Told at Twilight or Bible Stories That Never Grow Old Rosenberger, Elizabeth D. $20.00
To Light A Candle Fisher, Welthy Honsinger $3.00
Touring the Holy Land Myers, Paul R. $5.00
To Young to Die Hill, Rick $1.50
Training the Sunday School Teacher Trout, I. B and Others $5.00
Training the Sunday School Teacher Book 1(also First Standard Course) Trout, I. B. and Others $5.00
Training the Sunday School teacher: Book Two Hoff, E. B.; Emmert, M. W. $5.00
Training the Teacher (Brethren Edition) Schauffler, A.F. and Others $2.00 - $10.00
A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons Broadus, John A. $150.00
Trine Emersion Quinter, James $60.00
Tunker House Proceedings 1972 Yount, Joseph B., III $5.00
Truth Sets Free: A Centennial History of Juniata College, 1876-1976 Faulkner, William ( edited by Blotner, Joseph ) $7.00
  Wayland, John Walter $20.00
Twelve Apostles, The: Who They Were and What They Did 
Twighlight Symphony and Other Poems Parker, Martha Niederhiser $5.00
Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren Or the Beginnings of the Brotherhood 1908 Brumbaugh, M. G. and Others $40.00
Two Centuries of Brothersvalley Church of the Brethren Cooper, Austin $65.00
Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren in Western Pennsylvania 1751-1950 Statler, Mrs. Ruth and others $40.00
Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival Wallis, Velma $1.50
A Tapestry of Grace Ziegler, Edward K. $9.00
The Taste of New Wine Miller, Keith $8.00
Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner Faulkner, William ( edited by Blotner, Joseph ) $15.00
Understanding Pietism Brown, Dale $10.00
Universalism Against Itself Hall, A.Wilford $12.00
The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture Berry, Wendell $6.50
Valley Forge, A Novel Brunn, Geoffrey $5.00
Venturing South White, Roy $10.00
The Virginia Colony or Four Mile Church Rummel, Merle $3.00
Visions of Glory Wieand, David J. $3.00
The Vision of Sie Launfal and Other Poems (1902) Lowell, James Russell (Intr. Bates, H.) $10.00
A Vindication of Trine Immersion Quinter, James $60.00
Walden: A Story of Life in the Woods (1902-Blue Ridge College) Thoreau, Henry David $5.00
Wandering in Bible Lands Miller, D. L. $20.00
War: Four Christian Views Clouse, Robert G. $2.00
War, Peace, and Non-Resistance Hereshberger, Guy F. $7.25s
War vs. Peace Funk, Jacob $30.00
Wedding Manual, A Pastor's Handbook (owned by Chester Harley) Hallock, Gerald B. F. $3.00
What About the Russians Brown, Dale W. $3.00
What We Sais, What We Heard, Why It Matters Clapp, Steve $1.50
What Would Jesus Do?: Wherein a New Generation Undertakes to Walk in His Steps Clark, Glenn $2.00
What Does It Profit? Bhagat, Shantilal P. $8.00
When the Fire Fell
Davis, T.B. $5.75
When the Way is New Faw, Chalmer $1.50
Who Are These Brethren? Deeter, Joan $2.00
Who Is Jesus Christ? Nell, Stephen $1.50
Why Brethren Zunkel, C. Wayne $3.00
Why Christians Burn Out Perry, Jr., Charles $1.50
Widening the Welcome of the Church Bernhard, Fred; Clapp, Steve $5.00
Wilber B. Stover Miller, J. E. $15.00
Wilderness Boy Russell, Ota Lee $30.00
The Will of God Weatherland, Leslie D. $2.00
Willow Brook Farm Baker, May Allread $9.00
Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up Brecot, David W. $1.50
Wings of Joy Brown, Joan Winmill $20.00
Wither Thou Goest Statler, Ruth B. $3.00
With Williams Our Secretary Miller, J.E. $5.00
Woolco Knitting & Crocheting Manual (1916) F. W. Woolworth Co. $30.00
The Works of James Arminius (The London Edition);VOLs. 1, 2, 3 Nichols, James; Nichols, William $60.00
the World and Its People Smith, Minna C. $5.00
The World in the Twentieth Century Brunn, Geoffrey $2.00
The World's Greatest Religious Poetry Hill, caroline Miles $2.00
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys (Arlington Editon, 1878?) Hawthorne, Nathaniel $20.00
A Wrinkle in Time (1973, 31st printing) Farrar, Stuas, Giroux; First Cover  Madeline L'Engle $50.00
Writing the Christian Scriptures Slabaugh, Warren W. $9.00
Yeast, Slat and Secret Agents Gibble, Kenneth L. $3.00
You and Your Amazing Mind Lewellan, John $3.00
You Have Seen Their Faces caldwell, Erskine; Bourke-White, Margaret $85.00
The Young Church in Action: A Translation of The Acts of the Apostles Phillips, J. B. $10.00
Up From Slavery: An Autobiography (A.L. Burt & Co.) Washington, Booker T. $11.50
Your Child from Birth to Rebirth Mow, Anna B. $2.00
Your Experience and the Bible Mow, Anna B. $9.00
Your Teenager and You Mow, Anna B. $9.00


Sing Alleluia (Church of the Brethren Youth Fellowship) Royal, Virginia, ed. and others $1.00
Alleluia, Youth Songster , Second Edition - 1962 Faus, Nancy, ed. and others $1.00
The Bells Ring Out ( A Christmas Pageant for Juniors and Intermediates) Graeff, Mable $1.00
Brethren Fellowship Songster (Youth Dept. Church of the Brethren unknown $1.00
The Brethren Hymnal  ; A Collections of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs Suited for Song Service in Christian Worship, for Church Service, Social Meetings and Sunday School. (1901) Compiled under the Direction of General Conference of the German Baptist Brethren Church by the Committee; Miller, L. Holsinger, Brumbaugh, G. Holsinger, Showalter, Beery $16.95 (complete, fair condition.)
The Brethren Hymnal, (1951) (red with and without gold embossing) Annual Conference $10.00
The Brethren's Sunday School Song Book (Shaped notes, German Baptist Brethren Church, 1894)   $10.00
The Brethren's Sunday School Song Book for Use in Sunday Schools, Prayer and Social Meetings  (Round notes, German Baptist Brethren Church)   $10.00
The Brethren Tune and Hymn Book (1894)(shaped notes) Quinter and Brumbaugh $15.00
The Call to Praise: A Hymnal for Children's Division Rodeheaver Co. $2.00
Conference Hymnal   $2.00
Contemporary Hymn Tunes XXVII (pamphlet) Jones, David Hugh $ .50
Come Up Higher (Church of the Brethren Youth Fellowship) unknown $1.00
Everybody Sing 'n' Celebrate Barrows, Cliff and others $3.50
Gospel Songs And Hymns No. 1, Round Notes Holsinger, George B. $10.00
Gospel Songs And Hymns No. 1,  Shaped Notes (1899-1900) Holsinger, George B. $30.00
Great Hymns of Faith Peterson, John W. $4.00s
Handbook on Brethren Hymns Statler, Ruth B. and Fisher, Nevin K. $15.00
Hymnal: A Worship Book Slough, Rebecca, ed. $5.00
Hymnal Church of the Brethren (c.r. 1925 re-print1948)(blue) General Conference (Flory, Jno S. , chair.) $12.50
Hymns for Junior Worship   $2.00
Hymns of Praise (1922; cloth) various $12.00
Hymns of Praise (1922) various $7.00
Hymns of Praise: Numbers One and Two Combined (19420 various $5.00
Hymns of Universal Praise (1962, 1969) Bliss, Wiant $1.00
John Kline: A Brother Reality: A Drama
Dupler, E. Parker
Kingdom Songs (1911) The General Mission Board $10.00
Kingdom songs Number Two (1917) The General Mission Board $8.00
The Methodist Hymnal (1939) The Board of Publication of the Methodist Protestant Church $2.00
New songs of Praise and Power No. 1 Hall, J. Lincoln and others $5.00s
Part Songs: Female Voices Myers, Shilo Shaffer $32.75
Pilgrim Hymnal Porter, Hugh and Ethel 415.00
Praise and Victory Songs Rodeheaver, Homer; Clarke, Harry $1.50
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Complete for All Christian Work and Worship 1899
Showalter, J. Henry ; Mosley, T. B. $10.00
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Complete for All Christian Work and Worship 1893 Showalter, J. Henry ; Holsinger, George B. $11.00
The Otterbein Hymnal Lorenze, Edmund M. $49.50
Our County's Songs Staultz and Bauer $10.00
Revival Gems ( A Small Book with a Big Mission) Beasley, Samuel W.; Cressman, Harvey E.; Major, Charles L.; Smith, Wiley J. $5.00
Rodeheaver's Gospel Solos and Duets Rodeheaver, Y. P. $7.00
Rodeheaver's Gospel Songs for Church Sunday School and Evangelistic Services (1922) Rodeheaver, Homer A. $2.00
Selections from the Brethren Hymnal(1941) Joint Boards of Northern Indiana $5.00
Service Book and Hymnal Music Edition(Lutheran Church, 1958 Lutheran Churches $5.00
Song Praises for the Sunday School (1907) Holsinger, George B. $15.00
Special Selections  from Brethren Hymnal   $5.00
Tabernacle Hymns Number Three  Shaped Notes (1935)   $20.00
Tabernacle Hymns Number Four   $18.00
Women's Gospel Quartets LORENZE AND wILSON $10.00
Worship and Praise for the Church and Sunday School (1929)(brown) unknown $15.00
Tunes and Texts   $2.00
Worship and Praise for the Church and Sunday School (1929)(blue-green, shaped notes) unknown $16.00

Genealogies of Families

Bowman family, see Miller Bowman, Don $5.00
Bright; Bright (Brecht) Connections October 1984; Ancestry Chart; brief history; photos; index Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Cassel; The Cassel Family; Genealogy Workshop 1999; Southern Ohio District COB Historical Committee Case, Ellen Cassel; Lane Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Christian; see Dohner    
Denlinger; A Genealogical Index of Denlinger Families in Southern Ohio 1997; brief history; ancestry flow chart, photos; index Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Denlinger; The Family of Israel Denlinger and Mary Denlinger Hyre: A Genealogy Landes, Nancy $15.00
Deeter; Descendants of John and Susanna (Ulrich) Deeter Honeyman, G.E.S.; McDaniel, L.K.S. $20.00
Dohner; Life Journey of Lydia Dohner and Samuel  Christian Putterbaugh, John C.; Bright, E. Emmert $25.00
Eby; Descendants of Christian Eby (1777-1859) and his wifwe Susanah McDonald   $50.00
Eichenberg; A History and genealogy of Peter Eichenberg Family in the U.S.A Eikenberry, Charles and W. Lewis $70.00
Flory family; Brethren on the Ohio Valley Frontier: Flory and Miller families;
Flory Family in the Miami Valley, Ohio
Bowman, Don $5.00
Frantz; Five Frantz Families Who Lived in the Miami Valley 1988; brief history; ancestry flow chart, photos; index Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Funderburgh; Descendants of Jacob and Eve (Boone) Funderburgh 1978; A genealogical, biographical and pictorial account of the 3001 descendants---spanning the years 1783 to 1978---with earlier "von der Burg" history---. Funderburg, Alvin K. $50.00
Genealogical & Local History Books in Print Vol 2; A catalog of over 5000--titles--ordering information. Schreiner-Yantis, Netti $2.00
Gibson; see Shull    
Hay, Michael; Genealogy Workshop 1990; Southern Ohio District COB Historical Committee various $4.00
Hoover family; Andrew Hoover Family in the Miami Valley, Ohio;
The Hoover Family in the Miami Valley, Ohio
Bowman, Don $2.00
Landis family; The family and Descendants of Samuel Landis Yost, Abram L. $20.00
Miller; Miller Lines That are Claimed to Have a Common Heritage in Michael Miller/ Susanna Berchtol 1996; photos Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Mohler families; 1994 Brethren Genealogy Workshop folder: Rench and Mohler families Bowman. Don; Drees, Ned $4.00
Miller family; 1996 Brethren Genealogy Workshop folder: Miller and Bowman families See also Flory family Lane, Elizabgeth Miller $5.00
Nehr; The Nehr Family History Vol. 1 Nehr, Jimmy E.; Nehr, Raymond E. $60.00
Nead; Matthias Need Family in America 1753-1973; 1973 Wurstner, Betty (Miller) $10.00
Rench and Mohler families; 1994 Brethren Genealogy Workshop folder: Rench and Mohler families Bowman. Don; Drees, Ned $4.00
Shively;  Genealogical Index of the Shively Family 1991; photos; surname index Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Shively; Genealogy Workshop 1991; Southern Ohio District COB Historical Committee Lane, Elizabeth Miller; Bowman, Don $8.00
Shock; 1995 Brethren Genealogy Workshop folder: Shock, Wogaman, and Ullery families Bowman, Don $5.00
Smith; The family of Elder John Smith of Trotwood, Montgomery County, Ohio: A Genealogy 1750-1964 Stoner, Vera Barnhart $25.00
Shull; Ancestors and Descendants of William Harrison Shull and Clara Elizabeth Gibson   $5.00
Studebaker; The Studebaker Family in America 1736-1976 Byarlock, Walter, et. al $25.00
Ullery family; see Shock    
Wagoner; Ancestors and Descendents of Abraham and Elizabeth Wagoner 1735 to 1975; 1979; photos Yoder, Rosa L. $5.00
Wagoner, Biography anf Family History of Floyd R. Wagoner Wagoner, Gerald C. $2.00
Weybright, A Genealogical index of Martin Weybright III of Montgomery County, Ohio 1999; photos; index Lane, Elizabeth Miller $5.00
Wogaman family; see Shock Bowman, Don $5.00

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